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Why My Apple Watch Swipe Up Not Working – How To Fix

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Unusual Apple Watch Swipe up issues are plaguing a lot of customers. Many people are also unable to swipe down, which prevents them from using the control center, alerts, or finding their phone. The Apple watch swipe-up feature’s malfunction has drawn widespread criticism on social media. Users of the Apple Watch can access a variety of functionalities by using different swiping motions. Users can access the Apple Watch Control Center using one of these gestures, the swipe-up motion. Users can also view alerts by using the Swipe down motion, which has reportedly been compromised.

Why My Apple Watch Swipe Up Not Working

This apple watch swipe-up not working issue was reported following the installation of watchOS 8.5.1, according to the complaint’s current status. It is therefore an outdated update, and watchOS 9’s recent launch has resolved all of its previous bug issues.

But because of bugs in the system or recent updates, swiping up to the control center is quite common, and those who have the most recent updates might also encounter this.

The watchOS 8.5.1 upgrade was installed, according to many users, and that is when the issue started. Numerous users, however, have stated that they were already having this issue prior to the upgrade in question. They complain that the control center cannot be accessed by swiping up or down. When the watch is on the wrist and unlocked, this occurs.

The control center cannot be accessed, despite the fact that many have tried the suggested workarounds like restarting the watch while pressing the side button at the same time. How does one return the swipe to their life after using an Apple Watch?

If your apple watch’s swipe-up feature is giving you trouble, we have some simple do-it-yourself fixes that will restore the functionality of the motions.

How To Fix Apple Watch Swipe Up Not Working

Restart Apple Watch

Restart is that one magic word we always turn to when a device freezes or behaves improperly. I advise restarting your Apple Watch since it won’t allow you to swipe. The next best option is to restart your Apple Watch if that doesn’t work or if it is not responding.

  • Click and hold the side button to reveal the Power Off lever.
  • On the POWER OFF lever, swipe to the left. As a result, your Apple Watch will turn off.
  • Press the side button a second time to restart the Apple Watch after a brief delay.

You can reboot using a quick workaround if you find it difficult to do so because Apple hasn’t acknowledged it or released a fix for it.

It’s unlikely that you need to restart completely. Simply take the watch off your wrist, put it back on, and enter the password again. In a great deal less time, it completes the same task—at least, it does so for me every time. Next time, it might be worthwhile to try.

Unpair And Re-pair Apple Watch

Repairing Apple Watch is the next best solution after that. But first, I strongly advise making a backup of your Apple Watch so you can restore it later.

Instead, configure the watch as a separate device. This method will not erase any of your previous achievement badges or health and fitness data because all of it is saved on the associated iOS device rather than the watch.

Why My Apple Watch Swipe Up Not Working

Try Slow Swipes

I advise trying to swipe a little slower since you can’t swipe normally on your Apple Watch. You can try slow swipes until a fix update is released because it might be a software bug preventing the watchOS from detecting the normal swipes. However, if this doesn’t resolve the problem, try the following solutions.

Change Watch Face

Although it might seem a little pointless, one user claimed that by simply switching watch faces, the problem could be resolved. You can try it as well.

Occasionally, a watch face is the cause of your Apple Watch’s inability to register swipe gestures rather than a software or hardware problem. So, try switching your Apple Watch’s watch face and see if that helps.

This might seem insignificant, but a user reported that he was able to fix the problem by making some adjustments to the watch faces. You could attempt it as well. To switch between Apple Watch faces, simply slide left or right on your current watch face. Swipe through the watch faces you currently have until you find the one you want, then stop.

To illuminate the display, raise your wrist. You can also do a single tap. To quickly change watch faces, swipe horizontally from the left or right edge.

Clean And Dry Apple Watch

Keep the area where your Apple Watch is in a dry, clean environment. You shouldn’t use soaps, cleaning agents, abrasives, pressurized air, ultrasonic cleaning, or external heat sources because they can all damage your Apple Watch. If your Apple Watch’s Digital Crown gets stuck or won’t move, look for dirt and clean it. If you notice anything around the Digital Crown, such as dirt or lotion, use these techniques to clean it and continue as necessary. Take off the band before cleaning your Apple Watch. Only Apple-branded bands should use this cleaning guide. Follow the care guidelines that came with the band for all the other bands.

Check For Cracks On The Screen

Since Apple Watch rests on our hands, it’s simple to get scratches or tiny cracks around the corners and bezels, which affects the areas where you swipe. A trip to Apple Support is necessary if you find any scratches or cracks.

Contact Apple Support

It may be a hardware issue if you’ve noticed scuffs or cracks on your Apple Watch or if you’ve tried all these fixes without success. As a last resort, get in touch with Apple Support and let them know about the issue. I’m hoping you can resolve the situation from there.


The Apple Watch Swipe up function may have been fixed in the most recent release of watchOS 9, which is the second developer beta. For the time being, restarting the watch will usually make it work until a permanent fix is released.

Having said that, these are the solutions that are currently known to work when your Apple Watch doesn’t respond to swipes up and down. Since Apple hasn’t yet made this problem known to the public, a formal fix from the company is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

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