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How To Edit Memoji On Android Or iPhone – 2022 Guide

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Your Memoji doesn’t exactly resemble you anymore because you recently got a new haircut. You need to change your Memoji to reflect your new hairstyle at this point. I’ll demonstrate how to edit a Memoji on your iPhone in this article.

How To Edit A Memoji In Ios 13 On An iPhone

You must update your iPhone to iOS 13 before you can edit Memojis. Before continuing with the next steps, double-check in your iPhone’s settings.

1. Activate the Messages app. To start a group chat or a single-contact conversation, simply tap. Additionally, tapping will begin a new message.

2. Above your iPhone keyboard, tap the Apps icon, and then tap the Memoji tab.

3. Tap to choose the Memoji you want to edit.

4. In the uppermost left corner, click the three dots.

5. Tap “Edit” to begin making changes.

6. Customize your Skin on the first tab. Pick a tone or color, add freckles, blush to your cheeks, and a beauty spot if you’d like. The preview at the top of the screen will update as you make changes.

7. Your Memoji’s head will turn in response to your movements when using an iPhone 7 or later. To examine the Memoji from various perspectives, use this feature.

8. Then, decide on your hairstyle. Select the style you prefer by first tapping the color you want at the top, then navigating the available options.

9. Click the following tab to edit your brows. You can choose a forehead mark and piercings in this section in addition to choosing the color and style of your eyebrows.

10. Choose your Eyes next. You can modify eyelash style and apply makeup in addition to changing eye color and eyelash shape.

11. Next is the Head tab, which is divided into two parts. The size of your head and the number of wrinkles will change depending on how young or old you want to appear to be as you get older. There are preset options with different cheek, chin, and jaw sizes in the Shape section.

12. The only options on the Nose tab are to choose the size of your Memoji’s nose and to add an optional piercing.

13. Make your lip color and shape selections on the Mouth tab. Below that, add different-colored lip and tongue piercings and alter your teeth.

14. The size is the primary option under the Ears tab, but you can also add hearing aids, earrings, and headphones that resemble Apple’s AirPods Pro. Select Pair next to the Earrings or Audio headings for more customization options, and then select Mix and Match to add accessories to each ear separately.

15. Choose a sideburn length, mustache or beard color, and style under the Facial Hair tab. The shade you chose for your hair will also be the color of your sideburns.

16. Giving your Memoji eyeglasses, a monocle, or an eyepatch can all be done under the Eyewear tab. The choice immediately below the first one tints the lenses, while the first color choice affects the frames. You can add a patch in a variety of colors to either eye by scrolling down.

17. Choose headgear, the last step. To dress up your character, the Memoji customization offers a variety of hats, headbands, scarves, and helmets. You can also include a face mask at the bottom.

18. When you are satisfied with the appearance of your Memoji, select Done to save your changes.

4. How To Edit Memoji On Android Or iPhone2

How To Edit Memoji On Android

MojiPop is a fantastic free app for creating customized emoji. For every mood or emotion, it is stuffed with stickers and animated caricatures. Simply take a selfie and begin speaking with your cartoon face. Even better, you can modify your memojis to fit your personal preferences. Then send the memoji to your friends to surprise them with a hilarious custom memoji

If you’re wondering how to edit memoji, here’s a short guide for you:

  • Open MojiPop, then select Create Avatar. Take a selfie or select an image from your gallery if one already exists. Mention the age range.
  • MojiPop instantly displays avatar styles, choose one that best fits you and click Next
  • To make the custom memoji look exactly like you, choose different features from the tabs for hair, eyes, and headgear. Save it by clicking Confirm.
  • To wish someone or to express your emotions, pick a gif template from the Discover tab.
  • Click on the Share icon and choose the platform for instant sharing

Can I Simply Delete My Memoji And Begin Again?

Open Messages and tap on one of your conversations to delete a Memoji from your iPhone. In the bottom-left corner of the screen, tap the Animoji button. Your Memojis will manifest once you do this. Tap the three dots (…) button to the left of the Memoji that you want to delete after finding it.

Finally, when the confirmation alert appears on the screen, tap Delete once more.

How To Use Edited Memoji On iPhone

You’ll discover that the new Memoji replaces the old one once you’ve finished editing it. Then you can use this new one just like you did the old one. You must go through the editing process and select the options you initially selected if you want to return to your Memoji’s original state before making any changes.

Memoji can record and animate messages using the camera and microphone on your iPhone. Numerous Memojis can be made.

Memoji Vs Animoji: What’s The Difference

Animojis are animated emojis that use the iPhone’s front camera to replicate your facial expressions in real-time. Through FaceTime and iMessage, you can use them to record quirky and entertaining messages for your friends. Memojis are identical to Animoji, with the exception that you can customize your Memoji to look like you.

Can’t Find Memoji On Other Apps

On the iPhone, a different keyboard displays Memojis and Emojis. By tapping the Globe button below the keyboard, you can get to it. You will need to manually enable the Emoji keyboard if you can’t find Memojis on your iPhone.

Go to the Emoji can be found under Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard.

You will see that after installing the keyboard, the Globe button has been replaced with an Emoji button, from which you can access the emojis and Memojis. If you’re looking for more, we’ve covered some of the top iPhone emoji keyboards.


Are you prepared to use customized memojis to make your conversations more engaging and interesting? Who wouldn’t love to see a miniature version of themselves expressing their joy or rage? What better way is there to communicate without actually saying anything?

Furthermore, we hope that our brief tutorial on editing memojis will enable you to create various representations of yourself that will improve your ability to express yourself.

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