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Are AirTags Waterproof – Find The Truth Here!

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AirTags are making it easier and more precise for people to locate their belongings, but they could also accidentally get washed in the same way that our keys and wallets do. I’ll go over what to do if your AirTag gets wet, how to dry them safely, and offer a waterproof AirTag case as a peace of mind measure.

Are AirTags Waterproof?

Can AirTags get wet? Unfortunately, none of the Apple products, including AirTags, are waterproof. AirTags are officially water-resistant and have the same rating as an iPhone SE in this regard. Splash, water, and dust resistance are indicated by the IP67 rating.

Apple claims that AirTags can be submerged for up to 30 minutes at a maximum depth of 1 meter (3.2 feet) without sustaining any long-term damage. They might lose their water resistance, though, if they aren’t sealed properly or suffer any damage from normal wear and tear.

AirTags Water-resistance Test

Have you ever dropped your AirTag in water? Can AirTags get wet? What will happen if you wash your AirTag in the washing machine by mistake? In order to conduct some practical research, CNET dropped, frozen, and washed AirTags.

They found that AirTags are more durable than Apple acknowledges. They did not experience any significant issues during freezing, thawing, washing in cold water, or dropping. After thawing the ice cube that the AirTag was frozen inside, CNET reported seeing some water inside the device.

Water Pressure Is A Significant Factor

The risk of serious damage significantly rises if the AirTag is submerged for longer than about 3 feet. In fact, a short period of time under water that is deeper than 3 feet may be far more harmful than a longer period spent in shallower water. Fortunately, waterproof cases from Case-Mate can enable your AirTag to withstand deeper levels of water for a short while.

They Have A Water Resistance Rating Of Ip67

Due to AirTags’ high level of water resistance, they have been given the IP67 water resistance rating. They are therefore regarded as having a high level of water resistance in comparison to the majority of other electronic devices. Actually, the iPhone X has the same rating and is categorized as water resistant rather than waterproof.

How To Dry An AirTag

Don’t freak out if your AirTag does get wet. There are a few actions you can take to dry it off. I do not advise trying to pressurize air dry your AirTag or blowing on it. By blowing the liquid deeper into the AirTag’s electronics, doing this could cause additional damage.

  1. The AirTag should first have any water on its exterior wiped off with a microfiber cloth. While doing this, try to keep the AirTag motionless. If you move it around too much, water stains could enter the interior and harm the battery.
  2. Open the AirTag once the exterior has dried. To do this, hold down the metal battery cover on the AirTag and twist it counterclockwise until the battery cover comes off. The AirTag’s battery should then be removed.
  3. To keep your AirTag secure and operating as it should, avoid getting it wet. But since mishaps do occur, here’s what you should do if your AirTag gets wet.
  4. If there is any water on the surface of the AirTag, gently wipe it down with a dry, lint-free cloth.
  5. If there is any water on the AirTag’s surface, kindly wipe it down with a dry, lint-free cloth.
  6. Place your fingers on either side of the Apple logo and turn the cap counterclockwise to release the AirTag once you are certain the exterior is dry.
  7. Open the AirTag by placing your fingers on either side of the Apple logo and turning the cap counterclockwise.
Are AirTags Waterproof

Are AirTags Water-resistant Enough?

AirTags have the same IP67 ingress protection rating as the iPhone X. As a result, AirTags are completely impervious to dust contact and can withstand being submerged in water for up to 30 minutes while submerged up to one meter deep. So we’d better not make the Airtag become wet.

Theoretically, your AirTag could survive being submerged in a glass of water or a puddle for a number of minutes. I’d advise against using this as a party trick, though. Water damage is not covered by Apple, and water resistance can deteriorate over time.

Waterproof Airtag Cases

Despite the fact that it appears that AirTags are more waterproof than Apple would admit, it is still a good idea to exercise caution when near water. You might want to spend money on a waterproof case for your AirTag if you intend to use it on a boat, attached to your snorkeling equipment, or on the collar of your water-loving dog.

There aren’t many waterproof cases available because AirTags are still a relatively new product. Waterproof TagVault ($12.95) is available for pre-order from ElevationLab. They are the first waterproof case for Apple AirTags, and they are also very small, robust, and reasonably priced.

Despite the fact that your AirTags are somewhat water-resistant, you should try to keep them out of the water. You might have trouble locating them if they are at their maximum depth, despite the fact that they can endure submerged conditions for up to 30 minutes.

How To Attach An Apple Air Tag To Your Dog’s Collar

Consider securing your AirTags to your dog’s collar. If your dog enjoys getting wet, take caution. For your device, you should purchase a dog collar holder; you can do so online for a reasonable price.

You could make your own holder at the same cost. Here’s how:

Neoprene should be cut into a 2-3 inch (5.1 to 7.6 cm) long, wide rectangle with plenty of extra material to sew or glue it in place. This rectangle should be long and wide enough to wrap tightly around your dog’s existing collar. The AirTags can be kept from popping out of place by using a longer tube.
Next, apply neoprene glue or prepare your sewing supplies. To fit the width of the collar, form the neoprene into a tube. The neoprene can then be formed into a tube shape using glue or sewing.
The collar can then be inserted into the sleeve after that. When you’ve finished, insert the AirTags into one end.
Move the AirTags into the end of the neoprene sleeve as you slowly slide the collar through your tube, doing this until everything is in the middle. The collar can now be fastened to your dog.

Does Swimming With AirTags Work?

It’s possible to swim with AirTags thanks to their IP67 rating. Due to the fact that water resistance can deteriorate over time, I do not advise it, though. It is best to keep this somewhere secure and dry since you shouldn’t be swimming around with it. If you intend to carry your AirTags with you everywhere, you may want to consider waterproof cases.


Although Apple AirTags don’t have a waterproof rating of IP67, they do. It shouldn’t be too difficult to deal with dust, and a small amount of water exposure is probably alright.

Nevertheless, it is best to avoid using this device in a reckless manner. If you can avoid it, take safety precautions and avoid being near water.

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