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How to Take Screenshots in Samsung Galaxy A12 with Simple Steps

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I’ll be demonstrating how to take a screenshot in the Samsung Galaxy A12 in this article today.

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Therefore, you have arrived at the appropriate location if you were looking for information on How to Take a Screenshot in a Samsung Galaxy A12.

How to Take Screenshot in Samsung Galaxy A12

If you want to make a screenshot to your Samsung Galaxy A12 you have to follow these simple steps:

2 minutes are anticipated.

1. Go to the Screen

First, go to the screen that you want to capture a screenshot of on your Whether it’s a website, chat, or application, Samsung Galaxy A12 can access it.

2. Using the Android Native Method

There are two methods: using the Android native method by simultaneously pressing the power key and the volume key down or through Samsung’s own system: it consists of sliding the side of the palm of the hand across the screen from the right side to the left (or vice versa) of our We can see a flash on the Samsung Galaxy A12, indicating that the capture has been made. Depending on the software version you have, this approach might not be an option.

To take the screenshot with this gesture you must first activate it from the settings, go to the settings, click on “Advanced functions” and activate the option “Move palm to capture”.

3. Taking the Screenshot

On the Galaxy A12, a flash will appear on the screen as you take the screenshot, indicating that a picture of the screen has been taken. A black bar will appear at the bottom of the screen, from which you can open the screenshot, edit it, share it, or take a long screenshot or scroll screenshot, depending on the model and region of the installed software.

When a screenshot is taken, a silent notification will otherwise appear, allowing us to view it and take the desired action.

2. How to Take Screenshot in Samsung2

4. Captured Image Automatically Saved

Your mobile/cell phone Samsung SM-A125F/DSN, SM-A125F/DS, sm-a125m automatically saves the captured image in the gallery.

Depending on the software version installed, your image gallery application may be Google Photos; in that case, look for the icon of a four-pointed star made of paper with four colors, one for each point. You can find the image gallery on the home screen. It should have a photo icon, an instant photo, or depending on the software version installed, it may be a gallery application.

5. Click on the Capture

Open the image gallery, the images and photos will appear sorted by date, click on the capture that you just made on your It can be edited, cropped, or sent to your contacts or via your preferred social network using the Galaxy A12.

How to Capture a Full Page in Samsung Galaxy A12?

If you want tocapture a complete web page in your You should be aware that this method is not right now natively supported by Android, Samsung Galaxy A12. Samsung, however, has added it to its One UI customization layer.

To make a scroll screenshot of a web page, a WhatsApp conversation, or any other application on your Samsung Galaxy A12, follow these steps:

1- Follow the instructions above to take a screenshot. The capture and screen capture menu will appear during screenshot capture for a brief period of time before disappearing.

2- Click on “Scrollshot” and wait while the screen scrolls, capturing all the content.

3- Simply click the screen to halt the screenshot. The system may become blocked if the web page or application has an infinite scroll or a very long scroll.

Once the capture is made, it will be saved in the Galaxy A12 image gallery where you can edit and post it to social media.

Screenshot Not Working on Samsung Galaxy A12

The Samsung Galaxy A12 settings must be reset if none of the suggested ways to capture the screen on your device have been successful.

Go to Settings -> General management -> Reset -> Reset all settings to accomplish this.

All settings will be reset, but personal information, security settings, language preferences, downloaded apps, and account information won’t be erased, according to a notice that will be displayed. Click on “Reset settings” to continue, enter your PIN or unlock pattern and click on “Reset” again, the You can check to see if the screenshot is accurate after the Galaxy A12 restarts.

Final Words

So this article was about how to Take a Screenshot in Samsung Galaxy A12. This article should be helpful and enjoyable to you, I hope! You can see more similar Take Screenshot guides from here.

You can ask me any questions you may have about this article in the comment section, and I will undoubtedly respond.

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