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How to Play Games on Your Chromebook – 2023 Guide

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By selecting the Settings cog from the clock’s drop-down menu in the lower-right corner of your Chromebook, you can enable the Play Store. To download apps and games from Google Play, scroll down to the section titled Google Play Store and click Turn on.

The majority of games ought to work properly on touch-screen Chromebooks. But if you’re limited to a keyboard and mouse, you should look for games that are playable with that control scheme. Keyboard controls are available in games like Asphalt 8(Opens in a new window), Vainglory(Opens in a new window), and Baldur’s Gate(Opens in a new window).

Others, such as Oceanhorn and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, may be playable with a gamepad. Project Highrise and RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic are just two games that function flawlessly with the mouse simulating touch.

A Guide to Play Fortnite on a School Chromebook

How to Play Games on Your Chromebook - 2023 Guide

For simple tasks like making documents and spreadsheets and taking online courses, school Chromebooks are designed. The majority of them lack the necessary hardware to run a game like Epic’s Battle Royale. Additionally, the software on a lot of these prevents students from downloading and playing games.

They can play Fortnite on a School Chromebook thanks to a few methods, which is fortunate.

Without using developer tools, there are two simple ways to run the battle royale game on the aforementioned device. For playing it on their devices, students can either use Nvidia GeForce Now or a remote desktop setup.

10 Browser-based Fun Games to Play on Chromebook

No.1 Dino – the Dinosaur Game

As a built-in browser game, Google created the well-known Google Dinosaur game. Chrome users have enjoyed playing the browser-based endless runner game for years. So, don’t let the game’s apparent simplicity fool you into thinking it’s boring; it’s not. Google Dinosaur, on the other hand, is a lot of fun!

To start the game in a new tab, simply press the Alt + Shift + D keyboard shortcuts. The adorable pixel dinosaur can then be moved by pressing the space bar.

By gathering as many coins as you can, you can also avoid obstacles and improve your score. The game is thrilling and original, to put it mildly. You ought to look into it! Just open a blank tab and enter chrome://dino/ to start the game. Or you can find the advanced versions by searching dino game.

How to Play Games on Your Chromebook - 2023 Guide

No.2 Tetris

Like Super Mario, Tetris is one of the most enjoyable browser-based games to play on a Chromebook. A puzzle game that brings out the entertainment in puzzles and improves your problem-solving skills is this timeless Nintendo masterpiece. Tetris should go without saying as a Chromebook must-have game.

Do you want to know the best part of Tetris, a game of cunning? playing it online with your friends to prove your dominance! Playing this game on your Chromebook will make it very happy.

No.3 Flappy Bird

One of those games that appeared overnight and broke records is this one. Dong Nguyen, a programmer and Vietnamese video game artist, created and developed Flappy Bird.

The ultimate objective of the game is to fly the Bird between and above columns of green pipes without using any green pipes. If you haven’t played this game, you won’t believe how interesting, thrilling, and addictive it can be despite its straightforward concept and execution.

Play the Chromebook game by moving the Bird only in the up and down directions. As you play the game, your objective is to avoid the green pipes and to set and break records.

When people hear the words “Flappy Bird,” what comes to their mind is the adventure and challenge that comes with it. Join them and try your hand at the game as well!

No.4 Super Mario

Nothing compares to Super Mario as one of the greatest video games ever created! More people have played the classic Nintendo game over the years than pretty much any other game. People all over the world attest to how exciting and entertaining playing is. Fortunately for you, you can also watch it on your Chromebook!

Mario, of course, is the protagonist of Super Mario, which takes place in the imagined Mushroom Kingdom. As you progress through the levels, you get to run, jump, avoid, and stomp on enemies.

The first series of the game was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1985, beginning the game’s history.

No.5 Pac-Man

The well-known action and maze game Pac-Man was created by Namco. The game is filled with a ton of entertaining challenges that are enjoyable to play. This age-old game is dear to the hearts of millions of people all over the world.

The focus of the game is using the yellow hero Pac-Man to chase ghosts, consume power pellets, and clear mazes. The adventure that comes with the game is another enjoyable aspect of it. Playing takes you on an amazing journey that leaves you with unforgettable and lovely memories. However, you’ll also always be on your toes thanks to the thrilling challenges!

Undoubtedly, playing Pac-Man is exciting. However, if you want to get the most out of this game, you must become one of the many Pac-Man fans who play it on Chromebooks.

No.6 Celeste Classic

As its name suggests, Celeste Classic is a well-known game with special elements that set it apart as a top browser game. The objective of this browser-based game is to reach the mountain’s summit while overcoming numerous obstacles. Despite the fact that the game is primarily about hiking, it is still enjoyable.

This game is for you if you’re looking for a Chromebook game that forces you to solve both straightforward and difficult puzzles. But be aware that climbing a mountain is not a simple task. Play this game on your Chromebook to get the hiking experience.

No.7 Spelunky

Like other classic and arcade games, Spelunky is also one of the best games for Chromebook. The game was first made available for Microsoft Windows as freeware. But it captured the attention of players and was appealing to almost everyone who tried it.

Are you searching for an adventure-filled game? The game for you is Spelunky! The game’s primary activities, cave exploration and treasure hunting, are not novel, but they are executed superbly here, making the game feel brand new. Add all of the game’s difficulties to this, and you have the makings of something truly exceptional. Additionally, the Google Chrome store also sells this game. To use it offline, add it as an app. There is a ton of gold to find! On your Chromebook, you can take advantage of all these.

No.8 Space Invaders

This legendary game is well known to all. Tomohiro Nishikado created the timeless and arcade game in 1978 for everyone. One of the most entertaining and well-liked games ever created!

It’s a shooting game where you move a laser cannon across the bottom of the screen while firing lasers and shooting the aliens above you. The game can quickly make your heart race with excitement as you watch the aliens close in on you, despite the fact that you can only move your ship in a few directions.

Even the recognizable sounds from 1970s video games can bring back fond memories. But it’s a charming game that continues to be loved by players of all ages. And right now, you can take pleasure in this Chromebook game as well.

No.9 Frogger

One of the top web games for Chromebooks is Frogger. The popular PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) game’s developer, Konami, also created the challenging game.

One of the best classic games available is the Chromebook game, which is enjoyable to play. To cross a river in the game, players must hop. You might not even be aware that Frogger was the inspiration for so many knockoffs because it all began with this one.

Again, even though the idea seems straightforward, it’s fun and will have you laughing, gasping, and groaning as you attempt to cross without being hit. You will adore this sweet little browser-based game, we’re sure of it. All ages can enjoy it, too!

No.10 Pong

Who knew playing virtual ping pong could be as enjoyable as playing actual ping pong? In 1972, Pong was created by Atari. The game is a two-dimensional sports simulation in which players use the various game modes to play the well-known game of table tennis.

Playing Pong is still fun despite the fact that it isn’t the most colorful browser game. Although it is simple to play, you won’t get bored with it because it becomes harder as you advance.

Playing this fantastic browser-based game on your Chromebook will give you a sense of what playing table tennis is like without actually engaging in it.

How to Play Games on Your Chromebook - 2023 Guide

Part 2: How to Set Up Parental Control on Chromebook?

Most children spend their time on computer or phone screens, tapping away on games or social media platforms, according to research and various reports. There are benefits to this as well as drawbacks.

Think about your kids playing one of these ten Chromebook games, for instance, and how much time they spend enjoying them. That can’t be good, can it?

Remember that this will continue week after week, making it a worrying addiction that causes parents to worry about the welfare and development of their kids.

On a Chromebook for your child, setting up parental control is simple. Prior to anything else, parents must install the Wondershare FamiSafe – Parental Control App on their devices (typically a smartphone or tablet). Next, download the FamiSafe Jr. app and Chrome Extension to the device or devices that belong to your child. Together, the two apps give parents the ability to restrict websites, track their child’s location, and manage their screen time.


So, there you have it: ten fun games to play on chromebook. You’ll adore them all, but keep in mind that spending too much time playing games can be harmful. Have fun!

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