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How to See Who Liked your Playlist on Spotify In 2022

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Anyone can “like” a playlist you create on Spotify. Remember that whenever you like a Spotify playlist, your library is automatically updated with it. So technically, when you like a playlist on Spotify, you also follow it. In fact, the “Like” button is replaced by “Follow” on the Spotify desktop app. Furthermore, you can only like public playlists because Spotify users can’t access private playlists.

How To View Spotify Playlist Like Counts On Iphone

  1. Open “Spotify” on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on “Your Library” in the bottom-right corner of the menu.
  3. Select the “Playlists” tab at the top of the screen.
  4. View the number of likes the playlist has received by tapping on it.

Under the playlist’s title on the left side of the screen, you can see how many people have liked it. Unfortunately, you can’t use that number to determine which specific users liked the playlist. For instance, nothing would happen if you tried to tap on the like count.

While there is no workaround to see who liked your Spotify playlist, some users check their followers to see if anyone new has joined the list. But this doesn’t necessarily imply anything. Even if you do have a new follower, they could have liked your playlist because they already followed you or because they don’t follow you at all. If your Spotify account has a large number of followers, this method may be especially ineffective. Simply put, there is no reliable way to determine who liked your Spotify playlists.

How To Check Your Spotify Playlist Like Counts On Android

The Spotify app for Android devices is subject to the same guidelines as the iOS version. Only the number of likes for your Spotify playlist is visible. Regardless, use the instructions below to find out how many people liked your Spotify playlist.

  1. Launch “Spotify” on your Android device.
  2. Select the “Your Library” button on the bottom menu.
  3. Continue to the “Playlists” tab at the top of your screen.
  4. Choose the playlist for which you want to view the likes.
  5. In the middle of the screen, to the left of your username and profile picture, you can see the number of likes.

If you tapped the like count, nothing would happen, just like with the iPhone app. Remember that the only information you’ll see beneath the title of your Spotify playlist if it doesn’t have any likes is your username and profile photo.

A lot of third-party applications assert that they can reveal who enjoyed your Spotify playlists. You shouldn’t install them, though, as they are all scams. The problem is currently without a trustworthy workaround.

How to See Who Liked your Playlist on Spotify2

How To Grow Spotify Playlist Followers (the Legit Way)

How can you discover ethical means of increasing the number of people who follow or like your Spotify playlist now that you know how many of them there are?

Running Facebook and Instagram ads is the best way to increase the number of Spotify playlist followers. Promoting your playlists on social media and forums can also work but is less effective.

The 3 main ways to grow your Spotify playlist followers are to:

  1. Run Facebook and Instagram ads by targeting listeners who are likely to enjoy your playlist to your playlist
  2. Promote your playlists on your own social media accounts
  3. Promote your playlist on forums and subreddits

What ever way you choose to promote your playlist, it is important to focus on attracting real listeners that will actively use and engage with your playlist.

Spotify is cracking down on artificial streams from bots or click farms, meaning that your playlist could be removed completely if Spotify is doubtful.

Additionally, if you intend to monetize your Spotify playlists, artists will only pay to be included on playlists that actually generate streams for them, and playlist submission services will give preference to playlists with listeners who are engaged and active.

How To Make Money From Spotify Playlists

Interested in learning how to monetize your Spotify playlists?

Prior to receiving payment from artists for song placements, reviewing song submissions, or selling your playlist, you must increase the number of followers your Spotify playlist has by attracting actual listeners.

The 3 main ways to make money from Spotify playlists are to:

  1. Get paid directly from artists for song placements
  2. Get paid for considering a song placement by reviewing song submissions
  3. Sell your playlist to someone else

So, in each of these cases, you must first increase the number of actual, sincere, and engaged listeners who follow your playlist.

Getting to 1,000 playlist followers is a good place to start because this is the threshold for SubmitHub and PlaylistPush applications.

Why Should I Know Who Liked My Spotify Playlist?

Sometimes, whether you’re a music producer or just a regular user, you’ll be interested in how many people have liked your playlists and who they are.

Knowing and connecting with other music lovers who have similar interests can be exciting for some.

Although this feature has been requested by thousands of users, Spotify has no immediate plans to implement it.

A fantastic way to boost user interaction would be to connect with others who share your taste in music.

That is a compelling argument in favor of allowing users to view the playlists that other users have liked.

How To See Who Follows Your Spotify Account

To view exactly who follows you on Spotify start by opening up the app and then selecting Your Library at the bottom of the screen. This will bring up a list of the musicians and songs you’ve recently played. Your profile icon and name will appear at the top of the screen. Click on it.

At the top now you will see your name and underneath it should say “View Profile”. Select View Profile (on desktops it will simply say “Profile”).

All of your playlists, followers, and people you are following are visible from this page. If you click on Followers, a full detailed list of your followers will appear.


Spotify still hasn’t added the function that allows you to see who liked your playlists, despite the nearly ten-year hiatus.

The only thing you can do right now is see how many people have liked your playlists.

Finding out more about the genres and songs you enjoy most by looking at your Spotify’s analytics can be a great experience.

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