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Easy Ways To Charge Your Beats Studio Buds In 2022

The most well-known headphones on the market right now are Beats Studio Buds, which have been around for a while. Numerous features, such as wireless charging, are included. You ought to think about purchasing some Beats if you’re looking for a good pair of earbuds. If you have trouble charging your Beats Studio earbuds, you can look at this guide.

What are Beats Studio Buds?

Beats Electronics, Inc. created and sells the Beats Earbuds brand of headphones. They were first made available in late 2009. The earbuds are offered at various price points and in a variety of colors. The Beats Earbuds come with an integrated microphone and remote control for hands-free calling, music playback, and other uses.

Beats was created to distribute music the way the composer intended. Through a completely unique acoustic platform, Beats Studio Buds are designed to deliver powerful, balanced sound in a small package. A proprietary, dual-element diaphragm driver housed in a two-chamber housing produces crystal-clear audio with exceptional stereo separation. Then, a cutting-edge digital processor optimizes audio performance for loudness and clarity while also ensuring clear noise cancellation. The outcome is an enveloping sound that transports the energy of music from the studio to your ears to keep you going all day.

How To Charge Your Beats Studio Buds

Each of your earbuds can play music for up to eight hours. Up to 24 hours of playback are possible with the charging case. Furthermore, after charging for five minutes, Fast Fuel enables up to an hour of playback. Put your Beats Studio Buds in the charging case when not in use to keep them charged.

The front LED turns red when the case battery has less than 40% charge. You might need to reset your earphones if the LED starts blinking red.

Put your Beats Studio Buds in the charging case to start the charging process. Following are the instructions for charging both the earbuds and the charging case:

  1. Put the earbuds in the charging case.
  2. With the USB-C cable provided with your Beats Studio Buds, plug the charging case into a power outlet.
  3. Even without the earbuds, you can charge the case.

You’ll appreciate these earbuds’ wireless charging case’s convenience if you own a Beats Studio. Put your Beats Studio headphones inside the case, and they will begin to charge. Simply take them out of the case once they are fully charged, and you are ready to go.

Easy To Charge your Beats Studio Buds In 2022

How To See How Many Charges Your Beats Studio Buds Have

On Your Mac

Music lovers who are always on the go will love the Beats Earbuds Wireless Charger. Put your Beats earbuds on the charging pad and let them charge while you continue to enjoy your favorite music. You can take your music wherever you go because the Beats Earbuds Wireless Charger works with Apple devices as well.

On Your iPhone, Ipad, Or iPod Touch

You can wirelessly charge your device while listening to your favorite music with the Beats by Dr. Dre Earbuds Wireless Charger. The charger is compatible with iPod touch (6th generation and later), iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPad (5th generation), and the earbuds have a built-in Lightning connector that can connect to any device with a headphone jack. Simply unplug the cable from your device once charging is complete, then plug it into the earbuds to continue listening to music.

On Your Android Device

Do you own a device that runs Android? If so, you can charge your phone wirelessly with the Beats Earbuds without taking it out of its case. Put the earbuds on the charging pad, then just sit back and wait for them to charge. You can carry the charger with you wherever you go because it is small enough to fit in a pocket.

Beats Studio Buds Case And Battery

Comparatively speaking, the case is medium-sized and just about fits into the money pocket of a pair of jeans; it is significantly smaller than the PowerBeats Pro case but slightly larger than the AirPods Pro case.

It charges using USB-C and has a built-in battery that can double as an earbud charger. The Studio Buds can last up to eight hours without noise cancellation or about five hours with it on. When the battery is low, a five-minute charge in the case provides an hour or so of playback.

Is Beats Studio Buds Worth It?

While the iPhone’s settings app includes the same features, the Beats App on Android manages settings and updates and displays the charge level of each earbud and case.

Compared to the company’s other earbuds, Apple products have some limitations. Unlike the AirPods Pro, they do not support spatial audio for movies on an iPhone or iPad, nor do they support audio sharing for two earbuds connected to the same device at the same time. The Studio Buds require manual pairing with each device you wish to use, unlike other Apple earbuds that can be made available on any other iPhone, iPad, or Mac you own by simply pairing them to one Apple device.

The earbuds allowed a small amount of background noise to enter the call, and my voice became slightly garbled when in noisy environments. However, the call quality was good and clear with sidetone in a quiet environment, allowing you to hear yourself and avoid shouting.